Nestled in the rolling hills of central Cattaraugus County, approximately sixty miles south of Buffalo,
New York, lies the quaint village of Ellicottville, a prime tourist destination for thousands of people who
come to enjoy the varied seasonal activities and who oftentimes maintain vacation residence in the
Located in the heart of Ellicottville is a spirited and Spirit –led community of faith in the Roman Catholic
tradition, Holy Name of Mary Church.  Besides addressing the spiritual and social needs of the local
community for over 150 years, Holy Name of Mary Church also serves the growing number of winter
skiers, summer campers, and fall foliage observers.  It is estimated that in any given year, over one
million visitors come to Ellicottville, primarily to utilize the premier ski resorts surrounding the town.  
We are a warm, hospitable, and inclusive community of faith and offer a rich menu of services, program
and events designed to build Christian fellowship and nurture our faith.  You are most welcome to join
us in worship both on the weekends and during the week, and to participate in our various activities
whether you be a local resident of Ellicottville / Great Valley, or simply a seasonal visitor to our rural
Ellicottville, N.Y.
Holy Name of Mary RC Church
Holy Name of Mary RC Church
20 - 22 Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 543
Ellicottville, New York 14731-0543

Telephone         (716) 699-2592
FAX                   (716) 699-8439
For More Information Contact the Rectory
We strive to create an inclusive
parish community that deepens its
faith by prayer, worship, and
education; celebrates its hope in
the Risen Lord by word and action;
and expresses its love by active
compassionate care for all people.
  Registered parishioners are those local residents
who are the mainstay of our parish.  However, there
is also a category of Enrolled Seasonal Visitor for
those seasonal guests who come to Ellicottville with
some regularity to participate in the many events
and attractions of the area, and choose to worship
with us here at Holy Name of Mary whenever they
are in town.  These Enrolled Seasonal Visitors are
not registered with us, but do affiliate with us; no
envelopes will be sent unless they choose, but we
are able to count on these visitors in terms of
remaining an independent and vibrant parish.  An
advantage reserved to our Enrolled Seasonal
Visitors is that we will accept their baptismal and
wedding reservation for our parish church, given that
no registered parishioners have applied for those
What follows is helpful information regarding Holy
Name of Mary Church:
Echoing the Gospel- always and forever.